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Honest, insightful and relatable marketing is why Amy's Sister Kate exists. I launched the business in 2016, with one simple goal in mind. To help clients create great content that connects.  From elevator pitch to deep-dive strategy, during ideation and creation, through campaign delivery and implementation phase, this one goal continues to be my personal measure of success.

Creating, telling and sharing authentic stories that audiences actually care about is what sets good and great content apart. 

As social continues to drive increased content consumption, Amy's Sister Kate is helping brands embrace content marketing as the single most valuable and measurable way to achieve business goals. 

On the home stretch to my Master’s Degree in Marketing, a new mindset developed as I studied subjects in the fields of innovation & entrepreneurship.
— A.S.K




Research - writing - editing

Article writing

Blog post writing

Web copy creation

Editing & re-writes

Headline creation

And more….


From writing headlines, blog posts, e-newsletter content, infographic snippets, web copy, specialist thought-leadership and ghost authoring articles, my thoughtful approach and ability to create ‘content that connects’, has developed from an exciting career in news publishing, media and content marketing.

My writing style is expressive, informative, authoritative and where relevant, evocative without being irreverent.
— A.S.K

I unapologetically make time to identify common and overdone approaches to the subjects I am asked to write on. I identify existing information gaps that can add uniqueness and interest to each client’s piece.



I am socially minded:


facebook - instagram - twitter

Full service social media management

Facebook campaigns

Instagram campaigns

Twitter campaigns

YouTube channel management

Community engagement

And more….


Observe. Listen. Share. These are the non-negotiable steps I take when creating effective and authentic social media campaigns for my clients.

Whether starting from ground zero or building off an existing social media base, my approach to creating an engaged community of brand advocates, starts with a personal review of the “conversations” my clients’ are having.

I’ve seen the cleverest caption and most disruptive thought leadership articles wasted because they missed the point, held no relevance or were shared on the wrong social network.
— A.S.K

When working with me, your social success is achieved by taking fans and followers on a journey of relevant daily inspiration, sharing like-minded content and new points of views, across the right channels.



I manage projects:


SCOPE - cost - implement

Marketing project delivery

Media campaign planning

Design, creative and photography

Sales team training

Talent acquisition

And more…


I smile when I hear people use the term “Gun for hire” when describing my project management services. Yes, I’ve been extremely fortunate to have been involved in a wide range of effective content, marketing, sales, HR and operational projects across my career, but that cliché makes me think of a hitman.

Collaborating with new teams and other innovative people, has exponentially increased my love for identifying, exploring, building and breaking apart the elements of every short or long term marketing project I’m involved with.
— A.S.K

Really, the useful common link across my ‘killer’ skill set, is a consistent approach and curious consideration for the final experience a person or people will have once each project finally comes to life.

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To create a great customer experience, you must re-imagine expectation.

To find out more about how I can help you reimagine your next project, just A.S.K

call 0400.995.775 or say

Or, if you prefer to meet in person, Amy's Sister Kate is located in the leafy suburb of Box Hill South, Melbourne.